Violin at night

Are old violins better?

This is one of the most popular questions for people interested in the violin. There are no doubt supporters on both sides of the equation, and tests have been setup in the past trying to answer this question, such as the double-blind violin test, which we have included the link to below. But in most […]


Is the bow worth it?

Violins have long been adorned for their beauty, both artistically, and musically. And it is not uncommon that musicians are willing to invest generously in order to hold onto these great instruments, to offer their best performance on stage with their skillful hands. But wait, that’s only one hand on the violin – the other is […]

violin tailpiece

Choosing the right tailpiece for your violin

There is a vast variety of tailpieces to choose from these days, varying in cost, aesthetics, origin, and materials. So how should you choose the right tailpiece for your violin? Before answering the question, we need to understand how a tailpiece can affect a violin. It comes down to two things: sound and appearance. Appearance […]

violin ivory bow

Ivory decorated bow?

Does your bow or instrument contain ivory content? If the answer is yes, then it is important to find out laws and regulations on ivory before bringing your instrument into a country when travelling.

Codabow vs JonPaul bow

JonPaul vs Codabow?

A review of carbon fiber bows – We have received numerous customer inquiries about the comparison between JonPaul bow and Codabow. We think this is a very valid question, and so we would like to share some of our thoughts, and some opinions from the online community.

Violin bow history

Bows, history in the making

The western bow has changed its shape and form over time as technology and the craftsman’s techniques evolve. Such changes have enabled players to develop more advanced bow skills, and ultimately, improve the quality of sound and music they produce. In the video above, Paul Prier from JonPaul Bows gives us a short introduction to […]

Violin Making

The Architect of Sound

This is a short documentary about master violin maker David Gusset of Eugene, Oregon. He’s the only American luthier to ever win Italy’s triennial Antonio Stradivari Violin Making Competition in Cremona, sometimes called the Olympics of instrument making. This video is produced and directed by Marc Dadigan and Katie Kalk, and is not associated with […]


iPad Violin Recording

See how you can record your violin with the iPad to mix and produce studio quality music. This video by Apogee Electronics shows Ted Gowans, guitarist of Tegan and Sara, easily and quickly records a song using MiC, JAM, iPad and GarageBand. Producing studio quality music with your violin has never been easier. With the help […]

Prince of the Bow

“Prince of the Bow”

There is no doubt that Milstein possessed exceptional skills as a violinist. However, it is also worth noting that the bow plays a very important role to violin playing, and that role is often underestimated. With a good bow, a violinist can create much more colours and dynamics to the music in complement with the […]